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Artificial Grass Commercial

5 Reasons Artificial Grass is Great For Kids

We’re looking at why artificial grass is great for kids and why you should create an artificial playground in your garden that they’ll enjoy playing in, day in day out. We’ve come up with 5 reasons artificial grass is great for your kids and we’re sure that once you’ve read it you’ll be ready to think carefully about installing artificial grass in your garden or school yard. Whether you’re in charge of 30 children or just 1 or 2, you’ll find that artificial grass is hard wearing and aesthetically pleasing.

1. It’s Cost Effective

There’s no mowing and there’s pulling up weeds or cutting grass. Because it’s artificial, there’s no need for pesticides or chemicals, so you’re garden is free of harm for your children and what’s more, it’s kind to the environment. Artificial grass usually comes with a long life, with up to at least 10 years wear. This means that you’ll be providing a safe area for kids to play on for years to come. The surface is soft and bouncy too so if your children fall over, there’s a safe surface for them to land on. There’s no mud, wet or bald patches of earth, it stays the same all year round.

2. Your Classrooms/Living Rooms Will Be Much Cleaner

When your kids go outside to play, if it’s wet, then they’re likely to come back in and spread the mud far and wide, leaving muddy footprints wherever they go. You’ll find that if you’re in a school, children will be coming back into cleaner classrooms without a trail of mud and dirt behind them. And as well as that there’s less wear on the school interior surfaces.

3. It Looks Great All Year Round

You’ll find that the different seasons can have quite an impact on your play area whether it’s a garden or the school playground. There’s snow, rain and ice to contend with and combined with heavy footfall it can make for quite a site. Muddy puddles, bald patches and icy clumps of grass. With artificial grass you have beautiful bright green lush grass throughout the seasons, and no matter what the weather throws at you, you’ll still have a beautiful play area.

4. Allergies

Yes, allergies are becoming more prevalent and millions of people suffer from hay-fever in the UK. That includes children, who find going outside to play a real chore, yes you can use antihistamines and yes you can use sprays and eye drops, but wouldn’t it be great if you and the children could go outside without sneezing? Well, with artificial grass you can, no allergies and no over-the-counter remedies to invest in.

5. Versatility

Artificial grass is versatile and schools and nurseries are at an advantage because there’s so much you can do with an artificial grass playground, there are so many features you can add. With it’s great design potential you can add specific features that help children learn while having fun, such as having mock roads fitted, or hopscotch and other outdoor games. You can do anything, from helping them to learn how to count, to learning about road safety. The educational advantages of artificial grass are limitless.

The Turf Shop – Artificial Grass At Its Best

If you’re now convinced that you’d like to invest in artificial grass and see how great it can make your kids outdoor experiences, then get in touch with us here at The Turf Shop, where you’ll find our experienced and knowledgeable team ready to answer all your questions and to help you find the best type of artificial grass for you.

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