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Artificial Grass FAQ

We’re going to look at the most frequently asked questions people are concerned about when it comes to artificial grass. We know some of you are not quite sure whether or not you want to dip your toe in the water and go ahead with artificial grass, so we hope that our questions and answers will help lay your mind at rest and help you to make an informed decision.

Can I install artificial grass?

Yes, you can because it’s very easy to do. DIY installations are popular so there’s no reason why you can’t do it yourself. However, if you find that it seems a little too daunting, then one of our professionally trained installers can do it for you.

Can you lay artificial grass on any type of surface?

Yes, you can, because artificial grass is extremely versatile and you can lay it on paving, tarmac, turf, soil and even concrete. It’s also great for sloping areas, it’s also very popular on rooftops and balconies.

Artificial grass on sloping ground – really?

Yes, you can lay artificial grass on sloping ground securely as it follows the undulations and contours perfectly, so there’s a snug fit.

What about maintenance – is artificial grass a pain to keep clean?

No, in fact it’s really easy to maintain artificial grass – you just use a brush every now and again to remove leaves, dog dirt and other debris. You don’t need to use a lawn mower with artificial grass, or use herbicides or pesticides to keep weeds and insects away, so you’ll save money as well as time.

Will artificial grass fade and lose its colour in the sun?

This can happen but not for many years. It keeps its colour for a long time because it contains fibres with UV, so that it complies with the quality standards.

Will my artificial grass come with a guarantee?

Yes, it will, all our artificial grasses come with a guarantee.

Is artificial grass safe?

Artificial grass is safe because we don’t sell it to you until we’ve made sure it complies with safety standards. They usually have to pass many hundreds of independent safety tests before they go on sale. Artificial grass won’t graze your skin either so it’s safe for children.

How long will artificial grass last?

Artificial grass should last for a long time, anything up to 15 years. Of course it will depend on how much footfall you have on it over time as this will contribute to how long it lasts. It won’t fade for a long time and it never flattens. It retains its colour due to the UV stabilisers in the grass so you’ll have beautiful grass from one year to the next.

What about drainage?

Artificial grass has good drainage and allows for rainwater to drain through it because it is porous by design.

Will my artificial grass be kind to the environment?

Yes, artificial grass won’t need watering through the year, especially summer, so if there’s a water shortage you won’t have to worry about watering the grass. It’ll stay beautifully green and lush without a drop of water. And as we’ve already mentioned, there’s no need for pesticides or herbicides either, so yes, artificial grass is kind to the environment.

Now you know the facts, perhaps you’d like to invest in artificial grass for your garden. Get in touch with us here at The Turf Shop and we’ll be more than happy to talk you through the versatile range of artificial grass we stock.

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