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Artificial Grass Pets

Artificial Grass for Dogs with Allergies

Artificial grass is great for allergies, and not just for humans. If you have pets, dogs in particular who are sensitive to grass pollen, then artificial grass could make their lives a lot easier. Artificial grass can reduce the harm that grass pollen can cause by significantly reducing its impact. Even if you have plants and trees bordering your lawn, the effects of the allergens won’t be as powerful once you have artificial grass.

A year of high pollen

2017 is particularly bad for hay fever, which means going out into the garden is going to be a hellish experience for all concerned. Summer should be about having fun and spending time with family and friends, but if you or your pets suffer with allergies, then going outside is reduced to short sporadic visits.

You may have a dog that’s suffering with hay fever 

Your dog in particular is going to be suffering with the effects of grass pollen, and unlike humans, they can’t tell you when they’re feeling unwell. The only way you’ll know your dog is suffering is when you see the visual cues that show they’re in trouble. To reduce the impact this has on your pet means they have to spend less time outside, with you limiting the time they have out on the lawn. This also means they have little exercise or fun unless they’re out on a leash when you take them for a walk.

Common symptoms in your dog 

The most common symptoms to look out for when your dog has hay fever, apart from the watery eyes and sneezing, is chewing and licking of their paws and biting or scratching their skin, they do this to relieve the intense itching.

Artificial grass could alleviate your dog’s symptoms 

As you can well imagine this is a really unpleasant experience for your dog. So, rather than reduce your dog’s time outdoors, and have them cooped indoors until it’s time for their daily walk, why not invest in artificial grass.

A better time in the garden for your pets

Your dog will thank you for it in the long-term. They’ll be able to spend more time outdoors, playing with your children, if you have any, and getting some serious exercise. This helps reduce the length of walks you take them on as they’ll have had sufficient exercise in the garden.

Relief from hay fever can be found with artificial grass

 If you think your dog needs some relief from hay fever then give artificial grass some careful consideration. Not only will you help relieve your dog’s suffering, you’ll also have a beautiful lush green lawn all year long, because artificial grass keeps its colour throughout the year and not just in summer.

No chemicals, no hay fever, one happy dog 

You’ll also reduce the amount of chemicals you would normally use to keep your lawn in tip top condition. That’s another thing your dog will benefit from, so you won’t have to worry that they’re licking harmful pesticides or fungicides.

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