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Artificial Grass – Fun in the Garden All Year Round

If you’re thinking of having an artificial grass lawn installed then we couldn’t recommend it more, it’s a great idea, especially if you have kids. Taking them out during the summer months can work out to be expensive. If you use the garden and your home area to have fun with the children, you’ll not only save money, you’ll also have a great time.

Artificial Grass to Replace a Patchy, Muddy Lawn

Your lawn may look awfully patchy, yellow and be going bald in parts. Artificial grass is the answer to your problems. You’ll have an instant lawn that looks fresh, lush, green and beautifully set out so you can sit out and play whenever you want, whatever the weather has been.

Al Fresco Dining & Barbecues

Set up your freshly updated garden to host barbecues, and perhaps even prepare a dining area where you can eat out at in the evening. You can also prepare activities and games that you and your family and friends can enjoy, and with artificial grass you don’t have to worry about mud and grass stains. There are no muddy footprints and no dirty washing to clean.

Dramatically Reduce Ongoing Maintenance

With artificial grass there is no more mowing the lawn and other constant maintenance that is associated with a natural lawn. You won’t have to use pesticides and herbicides or use fuel or electricity for your lawn mower, so even though you’ll pay an initial, affordable investment, you’ll find that it pays for itself over time.

Games and Activities All Year Round

You can add the usual paddling pools and trampolines to your artificial grass garden, but you can also add a specially designed mini golf area as well as football goals so the kids can practice. You can have a great summer with artificial grass, but your garden will look beautiful throughout the year too, and look like it did during the summer months, even after winter’s set in.

Artificial Grass Experts

Here at the Turf Shop we have a fantastic range of artificial grass that we can expertly install in your garden. It’s a lovely way of giving your garden a fresh look and remains looking great throughout the year without the hard work of tending to a natural grass lawn. Please get in touch with us to arrange your free measurement and quote for artificial grass.

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