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Artificial Grass Edinburgh

Artificial Grass Helps with Hayfever

If you suffer with hay fever each year, then you probably find that each summer you avoid going into the garden as much as possible. It can be the cause of so much misery in the spring and summer seasons. Grass pollen is the culprit, and the question is, how on earth do you avoid it? Your immediate reaction might be to take anti-histamines, and these are a great way of combating those awful itchy eyes and runny nose.

Artificial Grass Could Be the Solution

However, they be more gentler and simpler way of getting rid of those dreadful hay fever symptoms, in your own garden at least. And that may be artificial grass. Yes, artificial grass is incredibly popular for all sorts of different reasons, and providing relief from hay fever is one of them. With artificial grass, you can go into the garden and relax and unwind, without having to worry about those hay fever symptoms.

Artificial Grass Does Not Have the Same Irritants as Natural Grass

The great thing about artificial grass is that it doesn’t contain the same irritants as natural grass that will cause those awful symptoms. Natural grass contains particles of pollen and mould and when it’s disturbed it can cause all sorts of problems, turning your garden into a prison.

Okay so artificial grass won’t make your hay fever disappear completely, but what it will do is give you some relief when you go into your own garden, so even if going into other people’s causes you problems, you can always go into your own and simply relax.

Always Check the Pollen Count

To keep yourself safe from a hay fever episode, it’s always a great idea to check the TV and radio for pollen count reports. This can save you time and effort in terms of medication and places to avoid, that way you can perhaps minimise the symptoms. If you’re going to take anti-histamines, then prevention is better than cure, and it’s a good idea to take them long before you think you’re going to get an attack. If you know there’s a high pollen count on the horizon, then take them a few days before, so you’ll have that protection.

And of course, if you invest in artificial grass, you can sit outside and not worry about hay fever at all. And following an initial investment, you won’t have to mow it, throw chemicals on it or worry about summer hose pipe bans, so there’s a lot less to worry about.

The Turf Shop – Artificial Grass the Friend to Hay Fever Sufferers

If you need help choosing an artificial grass lawn for your garden, get in touch with us and find out more. One of our friendly team will be more than happy to talk it through with you and help turn your garden into an oasis of peace from hayfever.

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