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Artificial Grass Myths Debunked

What do you think are the greatest myths surrounding artificial grass and do you believe them? Today we’re going to cut through the myths to get to the truth, and finally you’ll be able to see exactly what’s-what when it comes to artificial grass. You’ll be able to buy with confidence and forget all about the bunkum you’ve heard and look forward to a beautiful stress free lawn.

Artificial Grass is Far Too Expensive

No it isn’t. Basically the initial investment is worth it because after that you’ll have relatively low maintenance costs and no expensive pesticides and herbicides. Your lawn mower will be redundant, so you can forget about the upkeep and maintenance for that. It comes at a reasonable and affordable price and over the years, you’ll really start to save money.

Is artificial lawn safe for children and pets?

Yes it is. In fact it’s a great alternative to a natural lawn with with less opportunity for allergies that you get from natural grass. This means that children and adults suffering from allergies during the spring and summer months will be allergy free. Pets are also going to love artificial grass because they no longer have to be kept indoors every time you use chemicals such as fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides.

Artificial Grass Looks Fake

It’s artificial grass but not as we know it. It’s so easy to install and once it’s down, it looks lush and green all year round. These days, it’s very hard to tell the difference between real and artificial grass. This is because the technology behind artificial turf has improved exponentially, so much so, that the artificial grass you buy today is a completely different animal to what it was, say 20 years ago.

You Can’t Use Artificial Grass For Sports

It is so natural looking and it’s ideal for gardens, and even better for sports. Many organisations use artificial grass for football pitches and for golf courses as it’s so sturdy and always looks good. There’s no need to worry every time there’s been bad weather, because the turf will always look as good as it does in summer, eliminating the need to cancel matches and games.

Maintenance & Durability

Another misconception regarding artificial grass is that it doesn’t last long and that it requires an enormous amount of maintenance. As we’ve already mentioned, there’s no need for fertilisers, herbicides or pesticides, and we can safely say that it doesn’t require any particular clever cleaning methods either. A brush to take away any dead leaves and other debris is all that is required. If it does get stained, then simply wash it with water and a detergent. That’s it. It’s that simple, it requires nothing more than that.

It’s also extremely durable and will last many years. Naturally, that will depend on what it’s used for and whether it’s damaged accidentally, but if you look after it carefully, then there’s no reason why it can’t last for many, many years. And it’ll look good all year round, come winter, autumn, spring and summer. This means that even when it’s wet or there’s snow, your artificial grass will still look as good the day you installed it, no muddy patches, no puddles.

The Turf Shop – For the Best Artificial Grass

If you’re now convinced the myths aren’t true and you’re ready to introduce artificial grass into your life, then why not come and see us or contact us. Our professional team will be more than happy to help with any further queries and help you choose your artificial grass turf for your garden or sports ground.

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