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Artificial Grass Lawn

Artificial Lawn Maintenance in Autumn

With a natural lawn there’s an awful lot of care and attention involved when it comes to caring for it. It means that an awful lot of your time is taken up with maintenance. Moss and weeds are a big problem for gardeners, and your garden is susceptible to both when the leaves fall and create a build-up. This can be the case with artificial grass too, but with this type of surface, rather than use chemicals, you can use a simple brush to remove the leaves before they start to rot. 

Your artificial lawn may be prone to water build up, although if you have a good lining this should drain away to the surface below. In autumn however, there may be a build up of water due to leaves collecting on the surface, so again use your broom regularly to clear away any build-up.

When winter comes, frost can cause its own set of problems. You can easily leave it to melt in the autumn, but when the temperature drops in winter you can use a plastic snow shovel which will be gentler on the pile and prevent the individual blades from snapping off. The fibres should remain intact if you take a gentler approach. 

So, as well as collecting leaves up, you can also collect other debris such as twigs and rubbish that may have flown in from other people’s gardens. It’s important to clear it up so it doesn’t cause the surface to clog and cause damage to the grass’s ability to drain away fluids. You could also use a plastic rake or a leaf blower if you want something that does the job quicker. 

You can also wash your artificial grass lawn. Hose it down occasionally and use a stiff good quality brush that won’t damage the fibres. Again, as you would if you were clearing away frost, and brush the artificial turf in different ways so the blades bounce back upright. If you brush the lawn on a monthly basis, this should keep it in top condition. If you hose down your lawn for a really good clean, use soapy water to give it that extra bit of care, but don’t use anything that might be corrosive or too harsh. Test it on a spare piece of the grass from when it was fitted to test any soapy products first, if you’re unsure. 

Always remove sharp objects as soon as you find them, so they don’t damage the artificial turf, sharp objects could puncture the membrane beneath which will compromise your surface from draining away fluids effectively, eventually damaging it permanently. Keep oils and acid type products away from your artificial grass lawn as this may also damage it permanently and lead to discolouration. Finally, try to avoid using heated products on the grass, or you may tear or rip the fibres of your artificial lawn, if you have a patio or garden decking use that for cooking and food preparation. 

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If you have any further questions about what we’ve discussed today, or you want to talk to us about investing in artificial grass, then please get in touch with us here at The Turf Shop and we can talk you through your options. We’re always glad to help!

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