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Artificial Grass Pets

Benefits of Artificial Grass For Pets

If you have pets, then it’s more than likely they love playing in the garden and while they’re out playing, it’s likely you get a lot of mud and clumps of grass everywhere. And that’s as well as clearing up when they’ve been to the toilet. If you’re tired of having a messy garden, and as much as you love your dog, sick of them bringing in muddy paws, perhaps it’s time to invest in artificial grass.

We’re going to be talking about the benefits of artificial grass for pets and we think that by the time we’ve finished you’ll be fairly impressed with the advantages.

Firstly, as you’ll have probably gathered, your dog’s especially, bring in all kinds of ticks, ants and fleas. These can not only cling on to your dog’s coat, but they also bring them in to the house. Pests won’t have such a great time of it with artificial grass because they just don’t like it. They’ll go find some real glass to lurk in. That way you’ve got a pest free area for your dogs to relax.

No More Chemicals

You’ll also find that artificial grass doesn’t need treatment, so you can avoid using harmful chemicals such as pesticides, fertilisers or weed killers. You’ll not only help the environment but your wallet too. Artificial grass is also extremely tough and durable, probably much more than you’d think.

Low Maintenance Surface

Artificial grass is low maintenance too with very little required to keep it in good condition. Just an occasional sweep with a brush to get rid of any debris and a wash every now and again, that’s it. It’s also permeable, so urine will drain away, and any faeces can be picked up and placed in the bin, with just a quick wipe of the area after. You definitely won’t need to mow it, so you can put the mower away and you should save money on electricity or diesel, whichever way your mower is usually powered.

Dogs LOVE Artificial Grass

And don’t worry about your dog not liking it. They usually love it! It’s a great play area for them and it’s lovely and soft to walk around on, but still tough enough to withstand very robust doggy action. They can play out in it all year round and there’ll be no muddy paw prints when they come in from the garden.

The Turf Shop For the Best in Quality Artificial Grass

If you’re now interested in having some artificial grass for your garden so your pets can play to their heart’s content, why not get in touch with us here at The Turf Shop? All our grasses provide superb quality surfaces that both you and your dog will simply love. So, get in touch today and find out which of our artificial grasses is best for you.

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