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Benefits of Installing Artificial Turf in Your Office

If this is the first time you’ve ever heard of artificial turf installed in your office, then where have you been? It’s definitely gaining in popularity, and it’s catching on as more and more of our customers are having artificial grass installed indoors, in their office rather than in a garden. As you will see from our post this week, there are plenty of reasons why it’s so popular and why your organisation could really benefit from having it.

First impressions count.

If you have people coming in to a reception area or service users who will come in via your office, then you want to make a good impression. Synthetic grass doesn’t just have to be in the garden, more people are having it installed indoors, in domestic settings and in commercial ones too. Offices with artificial grass can take the edge off the official side of things, giving a more relaxed vibe for your visitors and help to make them feel more comfortable.

Help your staff to feel more relaxed at work.

You want your workers to feel comfortable when they come to work, like the office is a home from home. After all, the more comfortable your team are, the better work they’ll produce. So, having artificial turf floor coverage will definitely help them to relax, rather than a more official wooden or carpeted flooring.

A safer surface.

From a practical viewpoint an artificial grass flooring provides a safer, non-slip surface. This guarantees the safety of your employees and that of your visitors. If the floor’s unsafe then you could be looking at legal action should anyone fall. An artificial grass surface is by far the safest option and it doesn’t have to be permanent either. You can remove it whenever you want, it’s not permanently soldered to the floor! Synthetic grass is perfect for most floor surfaces too whether they were carpet tiles, wooden flooring or ceramic tiles before.

It’s a great marketing tool.

Yes, it’s the best ice breaker to have when you’re talking with new customers who see your fake grass flooring. You could even make more of it by sending out a press release, or even posting something on your social media accounts. Talk about how you’re trying to create a better work environment for your team, so they’ll have a more relaxed working environment. You could even have your business logo embedded in the grass so people will see it. This is particularly good if you have a reception area, so it’ll be somewhere where it’ll catch people’s eye.

The Turf Shop – for fake turf splendour on the office floor.

If you’re now convinced of the benefits of having artificial grass on your office floor, why not get in touch with us here at The Turf Shop and we’ll be more than happy to talk you through your options. We have a wide and versatile range of grasses you can choose from and we’ll even install it if you don’t want to do it yourself. Give us a call today!

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