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Benefits of Artificial Grass During Summer

When summer comes we all breathe a sigh of relief. It’s the beginning of long evenings and sitting out in the sun – for some of us, not all. For some, the summer brings hay fever and sunburn, and going out into the sunshine can be a battle with the elements as you try and cover your skin and dose up on antihistamines.

Sunburn can be minimised with adequate sun factor protection, but hay fever can be a nightmare and anti-histamines can only do so much. As you can imagine, this can turn the summer months into a nightmare for which there is no escape. What can you do?

Artificial Grass Offers a Solution to Hay Fever

The answer could be artificial grass. After an initial investment, you’ll have a garden that you can spend time in without sneezing and coughing. Naturally, artificial grass can’t make your hay fever completely disappear forever, but if grass is the main culprit of your symptoms, then it can at least make going outside less of a trial. It can allow you more garden time with friends, without you having to retire early due to a recurrence of symptoms.


Artificial grass not only eases your hay fever symptoms it’s also kind to the environment. There’s no longer any need for chemicals to be applied liberally in order to fend off pests and weeds, that’s kind to your purse as well as the environment. Artificial grass doesn’t need watering during the summer months, so that’s no sprinklers and no hoses. That’s kind to the environment and kind to you because if there’s a hosepipe ban, your natural grass is in trouble, not so if you have artificial grass.

Low Maintenance

Low maintenance means no mowing the lawn and no diesel, no electricity used. That’s kind to the environment, your purse and your energy bills. It also takes away all the hard work, because there’ll be no chemicals to mess with, no cutting, no mowing, no hay fever – just you, out in the sun, relaxing.

Fantastic Drainage

Artificial turf just keeps on giving – artificial lawn turf drains water away easily. It can pass easily through the pile and into the ground beneath. If it’s installed professionally we can lay it over a bed of sand and limestone and with weed membrane, that way you won’t have to worry about weeds growing through it. Often, artificial turf provides better drainage than natural grass.

Safe For Children and Pets

It’s safe cushioned surface means it’s safe for children to play on. They won’t be bringing grass or mud into the house on a damp day when there’s been rainfall and if they fall over there’s a soft landing. Pets can play out on artificial grass and have a great time, and if they use it for anything else – well, liquids will drain away through the turf and solids remain on the surface where they can be removed hygienically and safely.

The Turf Shop – Artificial Grass Experts

If we’ve turned you on to the advantages of artificial grass, then why not give us a call. We’ve installed grass for many satisfied customers and we know we can do the same for you, so give us a call and let us talk you through our versatile range of artificial grasses.

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