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Lawn Turf

How to Care for Your Lawn Turf This Spring

We’re going to be giving you a few pointers on how to take care of your garden lawn turf this spring to ensure you have a beautiful garden to enjoy throughout the warmer months.

Mow That Lawn

We’re going to start off with mowing. It’s important to get this right as it can impact on the appearance and health of your grass lawn. Basically, you need to mow your lawn as soon as you can see it growing, this is usually weekly, or if it’s sunny more frequently.

Grass Heights

Try to mow it so it’s the same height throughout the season. Roughly this is usually about 1 to 1.5 inches high or about 2.5cm. If your lawn sees a lot of foot traffic perhaps raise the height to around 2 inches or 5cm. If your lawn is in a shaded area, near trees or bushes then add another couple of cm/inches. If you mow too short, you could see it overcome with moss and weeds, resulting in a weakening of your grasses.

Moss, Nutrients and Feeding Your lawn

And with that in mind we come to weeds and moss. This can really hamper your lawn’s healthy development throughout the year, so after the rains and with spring on the horizon make sure your lawn gets all the right moisture and nutrients it needs. How? Try a lawn feed, a good quality all in one feed and apply it a few days after you’ve mowed. Then rake the moss from the lawn, remove it and then apply the feed. If you’ve got bare patches apply grass seed, all of this can be done in spring.

Weed Killer

You can kill off weeds with a good weed killer, or if you prefer you can remove them by hand, hard work though if you’ve been inundated. However, choose lawn weed killer because anything stronger, that’s not tailor made to handle lawns could result in killing your lawn dead.

Watering Your Lawn

Following all the rain we’ve had over autumn and winter your lawns may be watered enough, and in summer it’s not really necessary to water it. If you suffer a drought later in the year only use water to limit any damage, conserve water as best you can. If you feel you really need to water the lawn wait until the soil is dry, but before the grass is brown. You can aerate dry, solid earth by aerating it with a fork. This will also help with letting the water through deep into the soil.

The Turf Shop – Experts in Lawn Turf Installation & Maintenance

If you need any further help and advice and your grass has seen better days, get in touch with us today for a fantastic range of natural and artificial grasses. We’re here to help.

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