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Dealing With Toadstools and Fungi in Your Lawn Turf

While you’re busy caring for your lawn turf each day you will perhaps have noticed the proliferation and variety of fungi and toadstools in your garden. This can be tough when you’re trying to maintain a tidy lawn. So what can you do about it?

They Come and They Go – Just Like That

They’re not always easy to see, although you’ll be able to spot larger clusters. Fungi can be a good thing, so before you tear them out, think twice. Fungi can supply your lawn with nutrients which are good for the grass, so leave them where they are if you don’t mind how they look. Toadstools are also found in pastures, forests, and where there is an abundance of dead plants. They are most likely to appear when it has been very warm and humid, but when the weather turns they usually disappear.

What You Can Expect

Toadstools are harmless, but they still shouldn’t be eaten by animals or children. Active spores and pre-existing organic debris under or on the lawn can produce toadstools, and you may feel you want to remove them if you’re concerned about your children and pets getting sick, although most of them aren’t poisonous. It’s probably best to be safe than sorry, so simply pick them off by hand or brush them off.

Scarify the Lawn

Scarify your lawn regularly and reduce the amount of fertiliser you’re using. If toadstools are the result of debris above and below ground, then it makes sense to check for buried debris and experimentally dig beneath an existing clump of toadstools to see if you can remove some of it that way too.

Should You Use Fungicide?

If you were hoping that fungicides may work against toadstools then you’ll be sorely disappointed because there are no known fungicides in the UK that work with toadstools. Fungi and toadstools are beneficial to a lawn in the main, and toadstools are only a temporary visitor to your lawn, so there is really no need for a fungicide. Toadstools are temporary and they won’t damage your lawn turf.

The Turf Shop – Lawn Turf Care Experts

If you need any further advice or guidance on what we’ve discussed then please get in touch with us here at The Turf Shop where one of our team of experts will be more than happy to help you.

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