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Commercial Artificial Grass

Discover the Benefits of Artificial Grass Playgrounds

With our increasingly sedentary lifestyles it’s becoming more important to motivate children to get more exercise. And what better way to entice them outside to play and run than with an exciting and beautiful environment to spend their time in enjoying themselves.

Artificial grass playgrounds are the perfect option for creating aesthetically pleasing, safe and fun environments for children and offer many more added benefits over traditional natural grass play areas.

The Problems With Natural Grass Playgrounds

In a perfect world we would all have perfectly mown, green, pristine lawns that we could play on all day. We would never have to cut the grass, feed the soil, water it or worry about it turning into a slushy quagmire of mud and mess that gets traipsed about all over the grounds and into the nearby buildings.

Even with a little use most grassy play areas can soon look very worn and bare spots can appear after being trampled on by lots of little feet. The problem is, once this starts to happen it not only looks unsightly but the children can sometimes take their games to other areas not designed for the types of activities they are engaged in and this can easily lead to unnecessary accidents.

The cost of upkeep as well makes natural grass something that schools, nurseries and councils should consider replacing with a more economical option. Of course the initial up-front costs of installing artificial grass is a little more expensive than sod grass, but the costs of maintaining natural grass soon mount up. Plus, with the environment becoming more of an important factor when making purchasing decisions for organisations and reducing carbon footprints, artificial grass playgrounds are a sensible choice as they do not require any watering at all.

The Benefits of Artificial Grass Playgrounds

Here are some of the main reasons you should choose artificial grass before sod grass for play areas-

  • It stays in perfect condition

  • There is no watering, mowing, seeding or fertiliser required for upkeep

  • Artificial grass looks like natural grass

  • It offers a lower carbon footprint

  • As there is no pollen it reduces allergy issues

  • There are no holes or mud and it stays green all year round

  • It provides a safe surface in the summer and winter

  • It can be shaped to any design

  • It can be used where natural grass just can’t be grown

  • It provides a permanent soft and durable surface

If you are a school or nursery and need to replace your old, tired and worn out school playgrounds and play areas, then you should consider artificial grass.

We provide schools, nurseries and councils with beautiful, soft, yet durable play areas that can be used all year round. With our product there is no need for sand or rubber infills and we can create inspiring designs that attract the attention of children and inspire them to play outside more in the fresh open air.

Choose artificial grass and for a fraction of the cost of installing and maintain natural grass you can you can create the perfect play area, sports field or multi use game zone for your children all year round.

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