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Lawn Turf Aftercare Guidelines


  • Newly laid Lawn Turf must be watered within half-an-hour of installation
  • Give the Lawn Turf a really good soaking and check that the water has seeped through the Lawn Turf and into the soil below
  • Watering must be repeated until the Lawn Turf has established
  • It is better to water Lawn Turf in the cool of the evening and not in direct sun


  • Newly laid Lawn Turf will accept light traffic immediately but it is better not to walk on the newly laid Lawn Turf for 2 weeks after installation, or immediately after watering


  • We recommend that you do not mow your new Lawn Turf until it has rooted
  • This can be easily checked by lifting up a corner of the Lawn Turf to see if the roots have attached to the soil
  • This is generally 2 weeks after installation
  • Set your lawn mower to the highest setting as it is important that the Lawn Turf is not scalped during early mowing
  • Mow your new Lawn Turf often, each time removing no more than one third of the grass height
  • Once established, the grass height can be reduced gradually to your optimum height, between 15mm and 35mm


  • Feeding your Lawn Turf in the first 8 weeks will not be necessary, unless you have carried out your own installation, as a pre-turfing fertiliser has been applied during our installation
  • Thereafter apply fertiliser every 5/6 weeks except during the winter months
  • There are many lawn feeds available from The Turf Shop and we are happy to recommend one or provide an annual application programme to suit your lawn

Lawn Maintenance Guide:

You can read our comprehensive guide to year-round lawn maintenance here.

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