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Garden and Lawn Turf Maintenance in March

Winter will have given your garden a hard time, what with the gales, wind and rain and the freezing temperatures. Your garden and lawn turf will need a little time and attention to bring it back to its best again. Spring is here and it’s time to go outside and do some gardening. Warm weather will result in growth, so there’s some time left to quickly tidy up first.

Weeds – Stay Vigilant and See Them Off

Remove any weeds you can spot in the borders and beds around your garden and by making an early start you’ll have a fighting chance with those weeds that’ll appear now the warm weather is here. You want to make room for growth but not for weeds, so stay vigilant. Cut back stems so your plants remain fresh. You can also divide certain plants so there’s more room, such as herbaceous perennials, you could move them to another area where there’s more room for them to grow.

Plant Beds

You’ll need to provide new fresh compost that’s full of nutrients for both planters and beds. Also, remove any weeds and dead leaves and replace it with mulch, just a couple of inches and this help your garden on its way throughout spring and summer. Mulching will help to stop weeds and at the same time condition your soil.

Lawn Turf

Do your lawn last, give it time to recover from the adverse winter weather conditions. Make sure you’re not too harsh with the cut of your lawn by raising the blades of your mower. This will produce a light cut and it won’t remove as much grass leaf.

Worm Casts, Fresh Turf and Warmer Weather

A stiff brush will help rid your garden of worm casts. Once the weather gets warmer you can also apply a spring feed. You can also lay fresh turf if you think your garden needs it. It’s good for repairing damaged areas of your lawn. Now the brighter, warmer weather approaches, you will start to notice what’s going on in your garden much more than before.

Prepare Early and Enjoy Your Garden in Late Spring/Early Summer

By preparing your garden in March and by doing some preliminary work, you’re taking some of the hard work away that you’d have in summer. You’ll beat the weeds and all that heavy work you’d normally be facing in late spring. So, get in there now, start early and sort it out.

If you have any further questions please get in touch with us here at The Turf Shop, where one of our dedicated team members will be more than happy to help. We sell quality lawn turf and if you need some for your garden in preparation for the summer, we can help you choose and install.

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