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Artificial Grass Lawn

Are You Thinking of Laying a New Lawn This Year?

If your garden lawn is starting to look a little tired perhaps it’s time you gave it a little pick me up. A new lawn can be a fantastic improvement to your garden, making it seem new and fresh – which of course it will be with new lawn turf.

A new lawn is very easy to install and the impact on your garden’s appearance can’t be underestimated. If you’ve tried simply reseeding little bald patches where there’s no longer any grass, you could be set for a long and ineffective job, which won’t give you the kind of results you’re looking for. 

Cultivating the soil and clearing away weeds

At The Turf Shop we help you with the installation of your new loan, helping you lay the turf out in even strips which in fact is part of the price we quote – great value! Make sure you cultivate the area first by clearing away any weeds, but don’t worry because we can also help you with this too. We understand the sometimes tricky processes involved in getting your soil absolutely perfect for laying out your new grass turf. 

Easy to install and ready for use

Your garden will naturally be looking a little grey at this time of year, but Spring is not far away. It’ll soon be here and when it is, you’ll start to reap the rewards with your new look garden. Laying out a new grass lawn turf is a quick and easy way to get that instant new look without having to wait months for grass to regrow. This is also a time of year when the garden isn’t used that much due to weather conditions. With this in mind, this is a great time of year to have it done, because you can stay off it for a few days while it settles.


Late winter for your lawn turf installations and it’s good to go

As long as the ground isn’t too hard due to frost, or too wet due to rain, Winter is an ideal time to lay your turf. Late winter is best so between mid January to the end of February is ideal. New turf, once it’s been laid needs constant watering, so the rainy season that comes in Spring, is perfect. Once your lawn turf installation has settled, you can add a further addition of some sand soil and it will finally settle nicely for you.


Come to the Turf Shop for a perfectly executed lawn turf installation

If you’re considering having new lawn turf installed in your garden, why not give us a call and we can talk you through both your choices and the installation process in detail. We can help you with installation and preparation, and we’re a friendly team so don’t hesitate to get in touch! 

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