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Tips to Help You Look after Your Artificial Grass this Winter

Perhaps you’re under the impression you need do absolutely nothing about your grass this winter, after all, it’s artificial grass so it doesn’t need any care…right? Or you could be feeling a little confused as to what it is you do need to do, well never fear because The Turf Shop is here to help you with our artificial grass maintenance tips to help you look after your grass this winter. 

Prevention is better than cure so always keep on top of artificial grass maintenance

To give yourself less work to do next year prevention is always better than cure, so by taking a proactive action now, you’ll not have much to do when the worst of what the winter can throw at you arrives. You’ll have nice clean grass with minimal work. All you need do is sweep occasionally with a plastic broom (so it doesn’t damage the grass) and that’s it apart from picking up any debris or fallen leaves you find on the surface.

Safe secure installation is key to keeping artificial grass in tip top condition throughout winter

We’re hoping you will have had your artificial grass installed by us because that will have ensured a safe, secure installation. This is a clear advantage and help to avoid any weather-related mishaps when the bad weather arrives. It should have been designed well and cut beautifully and accurately around the shape of your garden no matter how unusually shaped it is. If it’s secure, it’s not likely to blow off, unfurl, leave lumps and bumps in the surface, and worse case scenario, trip somebody up. We make sure that our artificial grass is always installed perfectly, so you get longevity, proper drainage and easier maintenance. 

Don’t give yourself a messy lawn to deal with in the spring

Always keep the lawn area clear because it’ll be easier to keep clean long-term rather than piling up with debris and leaves. It will also look quite messy, which is what you don’t want. 

Snow and ice – when should you be concerned?

When you get snow, try to let snow or ice to leave naturally, by melting away, that is unless it’s quite thick and deep and it freezes. We would advice in this case that you move it using something relatively damage free such as a plastic shovel. That way your fibres won’t be damaged and that’s the last thing you want. 

Is your drainage system working effectively?

Your drainage system should be working more than adequately, because when you were having it installed a permeable layer would have been laid beneath it. This takes all the liquids through the grass and safely drains them away. After prolonged rain you need to double check your drainage just to make sure it’s working as it should be.  

A tarpaulin sheet should give you extra peace of mind if you’re expecting some really heavy-duty weather conditions

If you feel really concerned about your artificial grass, and you shouldn’t really because it really is quite hardy, you can have a tarpaulin sheet draped over it until the worst of the weather is over. 

The Turf Shop – for artificial grass maintenance expertise whenever you need it

If you have any questions about what we’ve discussed today, just give us a call and one of our dedicated team members will be more than happy to take you through your questions and answer them. We’re always here to help.

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