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Artificial Grass Lawn

Top Tips for DIY Artificial Grass Installation

If you’d like to install artificial grass yourself, we’re here to help with our handy tips to make the whole operation goes as smoothly as possible. If you don’t like the idea of attempting this yourself, you can always come to us here at The Turf Shop and we’ll gladly install your artificial grass on your behalf. 

This is a great time of year to install artificial grass because it’s so cold and the ground is hard. You couldn’t ask for better conditions really, just make sure it isn’t waterlogged or frozen even as this could have an impact on the laying of the grass. As you’ll know your garden is much less active in winter so there’ll be fewer overhanging plants and shrubs getting in the way. Once you’ve got it done you won’t be dragging wet grass indoors anymore, which is great news!

You’ll need to remove the natural grass first.

It will need to be removed in segments, stacking the grass in blocks and putting it to one side before removing it later. Make sure that the areas you’re placing the artificial grass is clean, and that any exposed pipes are out of the way and can’t be reached so they won’t get damaged. Remove any debris and small stones. You’ll need a base of sand or granite. This base is then flattened out with no lumps or mounds. Following this you’ll need to layout some weed membrane – this is to prevent weeds coming through. Roll out the artificial grass on to the membrane. Trim it and discard the bits left over to the side for now. Secure the edges with a wet fix adhesive. Give it a couple of days to settle before walking on it.

How to lay artificial grass on concrete or paving slabs

This is similar to laying on flat ground. Assess the height and length and clear the area. Make sure the concrete area is clean with nothing on it. Lay out what’s known as a ‘performance pad.’ This will give a cushioned inner layer. Obviously, you won’t be needing a weed membrane on concrete. Roll out the turf making sure it’s not crinkled or with lumps in it and then cut it to size. Secure it with an adhesive or weigh it down with furniture.

Turf Shop for good quality artificial grass and professional artificial grass installation.

Don’t like the idea of laying the artificial grass yourself? Why not come to us here at Turf Shop, we can not only provide you with high quality artificial grass if you’re installing it, we can also provide the installation as well. We’re very experienced and our team have been working with and providing artificial grass installation for many years. We can do it all for you and then all you’ll have to do is walk on it, look at it, and most of all enjoy it. So why not get in touch today?

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