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Ways to Improve Your Garden This Summer

We’ve already experienced some excellent weather, so why not prepare now for when the hot weather finally arrives? Just think, sitting out in the garden, relaxing, taking in all your hard work after it’s come to fruition.


Now’s the time to get your summer flowers, plants, planters in the ground in time for the warm weather. Create a border at the edge of your lawn if you like, and then put the small plants at the front of it with the tall ones at the back (like in a group photo!). If you don’t have room for this then you could always place planters at the back of your border, so you’ll still get that double row and that sense of height.

Garden Lights

Lights are gorgeous and can really create mood and such ambience for outdoor entertaining at night. Try something as simple as tealights hanging from a tree or something more elaborate in the form of garden lights or lighting on the steps, or some LED lights on the garden decking if you have it. Lights around your door and on the steps, and that includes front as well as back gardens, will help with both security and prevention of falls and slips.

Garden Decking

Yes, garden decking, which we’ve already mentioned, is a great addition for your garden, especially if you have a gorgeous landscape ahead of you. The elevated flooring is ideal for catching the view, and it’s also great for entertaining and simply relaxing after a hard day at the office. They’re relatively simple to construct and easier than patios, and you can choose from composite or traditional wood materials.

Water Features

Water features can be anything from something as simple as a bird bath to a small water feature at the end of a paved path, or a more elaborate water feature with fountain at the bottom of your garden, something you can view from the back of your house, possibly from a patio or garden decking. You could also place a garden seat from where you and guests can sit and watch the fountain.

Artificial Grass

An artificial grass installation would be a great alternative to natural grass and pave the way for less arduous work in the garden with lawn preparation, general maintenance, mowing and getting rid of weeds and pests before the summer season begins. You’d no longer have any of that and your grass would look in pristine condition all year round.

Natural Grass

On the other hand, you may prefer natural grass, but your own lawn is looking a little pathetic after the winter weather. If you think your garden would benefit from some fresh new grass, you could think about lawn turf installation and have a whole new garden ready for the summer.

The Turf Shop – Gardening Experts

If some of the ideas we’ve mentioned here in this blog have inspired you, but you have a few questions, then why not give us a call here at The Turf Shop, where we’d be more than happy to help. If you’re considering artificial grass installation or even lawn turf installation, then you couldn’t leave your lawn in better hands than with our professional team.

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