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Lawn Turf Edinburgh

Why Choose Our Lawn Turf?

We are the premier lawn turf suppliers in Scotland and we’re here to tell you today about why choosing our lawn turf is the best decision you’ll make this year, so read on to find out why lawn turf is the best.

We work hard to refine our turf so it’s the very best out there. We treat it with care and give it our attention day in day out using tried and tested techniques. This means that lawn turf you buy from us is in perfect condition and ready to use.

Research and Plenty of Detective Work

Our staff work hard all year round to find the best seeds and research hard on what it is that produces the best growth, colour, root depth, leaf shape and resistance to disease, because any old grass seed won’t do. What type of seed mixture will produce the best turf? That’s what our researchers will be doing to find out.

High Quality Lawn Turf Seeds

Once we’ve done all the research, we eventually buy the seeds, the best quality seeds that we’ve found through diligence and hard work, and talking to grass experts who know a lot about lawn turf. We test them and make sure they’re going to do what exactly what we want, and then, only then, do we sell them to our customers.

Look at your turf and what do you see? You’ll find a rich brown soil that will bring you may years of pleasure with a strong base that’s been carefully nurtured to produce a healthy lawn.

Regular Pattern and Growth

Even the seeds, once we’ve planted them into the turf are done so in a particular pattern so as to encourage growth and make sure there are no weak areas in your new lawn turf. We use the best technology and the latest equipment to ensure we get it absolutely right every single time. We will then use a fertiliser that’s been carefully chosen for its ability to help the seeds grow quickly and healthily. We want to give them that little extra boost that will help the turf be succulent and plump with health.

Checking, Checking and Then Checking Again

We care for the turf on a daily basis and make sure it’s not damaged by weeds or insects. We mow it on a regular basis and this could be up to twice a week because we want the turf to grow upright, this makes for a better lawn. The grass will often be vacuumed and this then ensures there’s no unnecessary debris on the turf.

Lawn Turf Harvesting

The lawn turf won’t be harvested until you’ve ordered it, and it will be vacuumed again, carefully inspected and mown beforehand. The turf won’t be accepted if we find any defects. We want you to have the perfect lawn and we try very hard to ensure it is exactly that.

As you can see, we take great pride in our work and it is something we enjoy doing very much. We can guarantee that any lawn turf you buy from us is of the highest quality and we’ll give you your money back if it isn’t. That’s what makes us the best lawn turf suppliers in the business, because we care that much. If you want quality lawn turf then buy it from the professionals at The Turf Shop, contact us today.

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